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Explaining Nebraska’s Rising Number of Motorcycle Fatalities

Published on Aug 15, 2017 at 7:51 pm in Motorcycle Accidents.

As of July 21st, it was reported that 20 motorcycle accident fatalities have occurred in Nebraska so far in 2017. Why is this an alarming number? This is the same amount of combined motorcycle crash fatalities that happened during the entire year of 2016. We still have almost half a year to go in 2017. Why have there been so many motorcycle deaths?

Finding a concrete answer to this question is difficult. In an attempt to answer it, the Lincoln Journal Star spoke to Fred Zwonechek, Nebraska Highway Safety Administrator. Zwonechek said that the amount of total licensed motorcycle riders in Nebraska spiked higher than ever in 2016, totaling over 100,00, but he didn’t feel that record was a factor. He did, however, state that the amount of motorcycle fatalities so far in 2017 has been unusual.

Why unusual? There were more fatalities than collisions, for one thing. In an accident in Omaha on June 10th, two motorcyclists died when they collided with each other in an intersection. On July 1st, four motorcyclists died in a crash near Lake McConaughey in Keith County when a car crossed the center line on Nebraska 26 and hit two motorcycles—each having two riders—head-on. Accidents like this are quite rare and help explain the statistics.

There are other factors to consider as well. July and August are often considered the peak of motorcycle riding season. Of the 20 Nebraska motorcycle fatalities that have occurred during 2017 so far, 13 of those deaths have been since Memorial Day weekend. More drivers in general tend to be on the roads during the months of summer. Summer is one of the most common times of year for car accidents.

Zwonechek also stated another interesting point of reference. Even though more riders in Nebraska started 2017 with motorcycle licenses than before, many of those motorcyclists do not likely ride regularly. Aging riders, for example, may decide to keep their licenses current but do not take to the open roads on a motorcycle very often. It’s important to remember that license statistics do not always imply that more riders are on our roads and highways.

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