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Fatal Indiana Truck Wreck Occurs After Semi Fails to Slow

Published on Aug 2, 2017 at 11:30 am in Truck Accidents.

side mirror of a truck

The I-70 in Indiana sees its fair share of car and truck accidents, but some of the most devastating are undoubtedly accidents caused by commercial semi-trucks. The large size and slow stopping speeds of most semis make it difficult for truck drivers to stop in time or swerve to potentially avoid an accident. The I-70 also experiences a great deal of traffic. This combination can spell disaster.

On July 21st in Clay County, a major truck accident on Interstate 70 occurred which began at 5 PM. Multiple cars and semis were involved, and the initial accident—which set off a chain reaction of sorts—started when a semi-truck went off the road at the 25-mile marker. This caused traffic to slow significantly.

The accident became more severe when a second semi was unable to slow down in time or did not see the stalled traffic quickly enough to stop. The driver crashed into another semi and caused a pileup that involved numerous vehicles. There was one fatality—the driver of the first semi-truck that went off the highway. No other fatalities or serious injuries were reported.

Accidents like this are a reminder to all drivers—both truck and passenger vehicle drivers—that speed limits are set in place for a reason along the I-70 and everywhere else in the U.S. This crash was the second fatal accident that occurred on the I-70 within just a couple of days. When a truck operator drives too quickly or swerves off the road due to being distracted and/or not focused on the task of driving, accidents happen. Most do not have positive outcomes.

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