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Christopher Welsh Speaking at NSBA’s 2017 Seminar

Published on Sep 20, 2017 at 11:38 am in News.

At Welsh & Welsh, we’re committed to helping make Nebraska’s legal community and our local communities as strong as they possibly can be. One essential part of these efforts is education. By helping educate other Nebraska lawyers about how to best represent their clients, we strengthen the presence of the legal profession as a whole while ensuring those in need of legal services get the best representation possible.

Christopher Welsh is speaking at the upcoming Nebraska State Bar Association’s (NSBA) 2017 Annual Meeting that runs from October 11th through 13th to share his knowledge regarding the appeal process and how it should be handled by trial lawyers. This year’s event theme is “Equality Before the Law” and the seminar’s topics range in theme from handling appeals to intellectual property law, agricultural law, family law, real estate law, pro bono, tech/business law, and more.

Here’s the description of the panel Christopher Welsh will be speaking during as described in the seminar schedule:

This unique presentation bridges the apparent gap between perceived trial errors and successfully reversing those errors on appeal. Experienced trial attorneys and those equally trained in handling appeals will share their insights about how to best cross that bridge. Additionally, hear from a Supreme Court Justice about what errors are often not preserved at trial and learn from a seasoned professor what constitutes a final appealable order.

The seminar will be worth CLE credits and is being held at the Embassy Suites La Vista Hotel and Conference Center. For more information or to register, please see the Nebraska State Bar Association’s website.

One another central aspect of building a strong statewide community that prioritizes safety for all residents and their families is supporting government bills and proposed changes that help make safety a reality. At Welsh & Welsh we’re proud to have recently shown our support for Nebraska Legislature’s Bill 279. This bill would require the use of shoulder belts for all students who ride the school bus in Nebraska– a simple decision that could potentially save the lives of hundreds of students every year. We look forward to showing our continued support for this bill in the months to come.