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Chris Welsh Joins American Board of Trial Advocates

Published on Oct 17, 2017 at 1:48 pm in News.

We’re proud to announce that Christopher Welsh is now a member of the Nebraska chapter of the prestigious American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA). The American Board of Trial Advocates is an invite-only organization for trial attorneys that aims to elevate the standards of integrity, honor, and courtesy in the legal profession. The association’s members come from all areas of the United States and are united under separate chapters in each state.

Founded in 1958, ABOTA’s primary purpose is to preserve the civil justice system, help younger attorneys achieve a higher level of trial advocacy, and educate the public regarding the importance of the Seventh Amendment which supports trial advocacy.

More about the American Board of Trial Advocates:

“Thomas Jefferson was of the opinion that the right to trial by a jury of fellow citizens was a more important safeguard of personal liberty than the right to vote. With a jury, the rights and duties of each of us will be decided by our fellow citizens, not by some bureaucrat or governmental functionary. ABOTA agrees with Jefferson and is a leader in the fight to preserve and protect your right to a jury trial. ABOTA is dedicated to ‘Justice by the People.'”

The organization’s mission is as follows:

“(1) To elevate the standards of integrity, honor and courtesy in the legal profession;

(2) To aid in further education and training of trial lawyers; to work for the preservation of our jury system; to improve methods of procedure of our present trial court system; to serve as an informational center; to discuss and study matters of interest to trial lawyers; to advance the skill of its members as trial attorneys; to honor the members of the Association who have the requisite qualifications; to provide a forum for the expression of interests common to trial lawyers and to act as an agency through which trial lawyers in general, and members of the Association in particular, shall have a voice with which to speak concerning matters of common and general interest;

(3) To establish relations and cooperate with other legal organizations and associations for the purposes of promoting the efficient administration of justice and constant improvement of the law;

(4) To cultivate a spirit of loyalty, fellowship, and professionalism among our members; to advance the interests of the members of the Association professionally and to enable trial lawyers as a group to have an active association of standing in the community and nation through which they may learn and be heard.”

Congratulations, Chris!