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Facial Injuries Can Be Devastating for Nursing Home Residents

Published on Oct 11, 2017 at 12:57 pm in Nursing Home Abuse.

The decision for your loved one to live a nursing home is an emotional one, but you’re making sure they get the best care. Nursing homes are supposed to give your loved one a healthy and safe community where skilled professionals provide a high quality of life that benefits your loved one’s well-being.

If you ever received news that your loved one had gotten hurt in the nursing home, you might feel devastated and confused. It’s scary to think that your loved one might not be safe in their nursing home. You’re wondering how this happened and how you can ensure it never happens again.

Has your loved one suffered an injury at their nursing home in Nebraska? You have the legal right to reach out for help. Welsh & Welsh has experience, drive, and a strong sense of community. We aim to help people and we’ll listen to any concern you might have.

What Types of Injuries Occur?

When nursing homes aren’t running to the best of their abilities, the residents aren’t getting the care they need and deserve. Residents often need help with daily tasks. This includes dressing, walking, and even standing up to go somewhere. If the nursing home doesn’t have enough staff to attend to everyone’s needs, then your loved one might attempt to do something by themselves.

Your loved one might fall during this attempt. A study found that between 2011 and 2015, about 109,795 nursing home residents had to go to the emergency room for facial injuries, with falling as the main reason for these injuries.

Common fracture areas are the eye socket and the nose. Senior patients often have a longer hospital stay because it takes them longer to recover. They could get overwhelmed from the sudden injury and new environment.

How Do Facial Injuries Affect Nursing Home Residents?

Facial injuries can lead to serious complications in seniors. After they get this kind of injury, they could have issues with the following:

Many factors contribute to fall risk that may lead to facial injuries. Nursing home residents with physical disorders, muscle weakness, or dementia may find it difficult to stay balanced. Certain medications and lack of exercise also increase fall risk in seniors.

Nursing home staff members have a legal responsible to ensure residents are safe when they get up and try and walk themselves. They also must ensure that if residents are unable to get around themselves that they are given the care they require to stay clean and healthy. If a nursing home resident is not given the proper care and ends up falling and suffering from injuries like facial injuries, it’s possible that the nursing home staff members are not properly doing their job and may be acting negligently.

Do You Need an Omaha Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer?

If a nursing home staff member is negligent and fails to properly take care of your loved one, it’s possible that they may be found guilty of nursing home abuse or neglect in a court of law. Negligence is a sign of abuse– one that occurs far too frequently in Nebraska nursing homes due to understaffing. If your loved one has been a victim of nursing home abuse in Nebraska, you might not know what to do next. Welsh & Welsh is here for you. We’re skilled in difficult lawsuits and will take the extra step to make your case as strong as possible. We’ll help you fight for your loved one’s rights.

When you speak out against nursing home abuse, you’re helping to set the standard about what is acceptable nursing home care and what isn’t. Standing up for your loved one could stop this treatment of seniors and potentially reduce the chance of this happening again.

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