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Safe Riding Tips for Nebraska Motorcyclists

Published on Oct 24, 2017 at 12:42 pm in Motorcycle Accidents.

Motorcyclists experience the road in a different way than people in cars. They’re not stuck inside. They listen to the rumble of the engine, feel the wind in their faces, and are in the elements of the day.

But this experience comes with risks. When motorcyclists get in accidents, they don’t have anything protecting them except a helmet and thick clothing. Motorcycle accidents can be devastating.

Everyone would benefit from a bit more knowledge about how motorcycles work and appear on the road. Motorcyclists and other motorists can turn this knowledge into several safety practices that will reduce accidents.

Sometimes, accidents happen and you need help. Welsh & Welsh in Omaha, Nebraska might be the right option for you. We know how traumatic a motorcycle accident can be and what it takes to get results.

What Motorcycle Safety Tips Should You Know?

If you’re a motorcyclist, every small action you take to increase your safety could possibly save your life. Here are some essential tips:

  • Wear a Helmet. Protect your head with a motorcycle helmet, which has padding and a liner to absorb impact, with a hard outer shell. Secure the helmet with the buckle.
  • Always Look at Intersections and Turns. Check behind you and look both ways so you know you’re safe to proceed. Don’t speed when going around curves because you don’t know what could be around the corner.
  • Make Yourself Visible. Bright, reflective colors will help other drivers see you on the road. Always use your turn signal.
  • Prepare to Deal with Animals. Motorcyclists sometimes have to deal with approaching animals. When they’re coming forward, slow down a bit and when the animal gets close, speed up so the animal’s timing is off and don’t come in contact with you.

How Do Drivers Stay Safe Around Motorcycles?

Motorcyclists aren’t the only people who can increase road safety. Drivers should follow these tips to keep the road safer for everyone:

  • Give Motorcyclists Space. When motorcyclists slow down, the process doesn’t signal the brake light. Stay about four seconds behind them and anticipate they might slow down without a brake light signaling their stop.
  • Look for Turn Signals. Motorcycles don’t have turn signals that automatically turn off. A motorcyclist could forget their signal is on. Give a motorcyclist with their signal on enough space and don’t assume they’re going to turn.
  • Look for Speed and Size. Motorcycles often look further away and appear to be moving faster than they really are.
  • Know Stopping Time is Longer. Motorcycles need more time to slow down, especially when the road is slippery.
  • Give Passengers More Space. When a motorcycle has more than one passenger, the driving difficulty increases. Everything from maneuvering, balancing, and braking takes more care and time. As a driver, give motorcycles plenty of space and time to safely get to where they need to go.

Do You Need an Omaha Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

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