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6 Wintertime Driving Tips for Omaha Drivers

Published on Dec 19, 2017 at 1:28 pm in Car Accidents.

The winter season brings conditions that can make the roads very dangerous. Black ice can make cars slide without the driver knowing it was there, a snow storm can trap cars on the road, and cars need extra care so they run efficiently in the colder months.

Car accidents can happen suddenly and have serious consequences. The dangers that come with winter weather only makes this more likely to happen.

How Do You Drive Safely in Nebraska During Winter?

The Nebraska Department of Transportation released a detailed list of how to get ready for the winter weather and drive safely in the upcoming months.

  • Prepare Your Vehicle. Get your vehicle checked out before winter. A trained mechanic will be able to check all of your car’s systems, safety features, and tires.
  • Check Ahead. Before going out to drive, check the weather so you know what to expect for the day. If you see a big storm is about to hit, you might decide to stay home.
  • Have a Plan. Give yourself time to get clear off your car and get to your destination. Your car shouldn’t have snow and ice on it while you drive. Leave a bit earlier so you don’t feel rushed on the road. Keep your gas tank above half. It’s a good idea to have your cell phone and a car charger, warm blankets, and food and water in the car.
  • Stay Safe in a Storm. In an emergency situation, you might get stuck in a snow storm. First, try to remain calm and not wander from your car. You can risk your life if you overwork yourself in cold weather. Crack the window slightly and out of the wind so you have fresh air. Don’t leave your car running, because you might risk carbon monoxide poisoning or killing your car battery. Make sure snow isn’t blocking the tailpipe. Stay warm, move around often and don’t fall asleep.
  • Drive Defensively. You should always avoid speeding, tailgating, and distracted driving, but the reality is some drivers exhibit these behaviors. In the winter, you have to stay alert and cautious to keep everyone safe on the road. Signal turns, yield to others, and drive slower than the speed limit if road conditions are bad.
  • Know Winter Weather Language. Weather channels release warnings and advisories, but you might not know what they mean. A winter storm watch means a storm is possible, but a winter storm warning means a storm is about to happen. Snow, blowing and drifting snow, and wind chill advisories mean those actions will happen, and they’re going to be severe enough to have an advisory about them.

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