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Important 2018 Nebraska Law Changes You Need to Know

Published on Jan 23, 2018 at 12:38 pm in Legal Information.

As we head into the new year, it’s important to stay on top of what changes Nebraska laws may bring. 2018 is bringing a lot of changes to the law, and continuing battles for certain bills are still ongoing. You might hear more about those bills as the year progresses.

It’s important to know your rights so you know when someone acts against the law. Sometimes, someone else infringes on your rights. You’re allowed to seek legal action to protect your rights. In times like that, you need an Omaha personal injury lawyer by your side. Welsh & Welsh has been providing excellent legal services to the citizens of Nebraska for over 65 years. We’re ready to fight for your rights and make sure your voice is heard.

New Nebraska Laws for 2018

Nebraska has 116 new laws going into effect in 2018. Here are the first five:

  • Breastfeeding Students. Law LB427 will allow students a place to store and express breast milk. Pregnant students will also have policies for handling absences and missed work. This will support teen parents as they get their education.
  • Religious Clothing in Classrooms. Law LB62 states that people can wear habits in classrooms. Public school teachers can wear religious clothing like hijabs and habits.
  • Telehealth Services. Law LB92 says that health insurance companies need to offer doctors the same reimbursement for telehealth services.
  • Access to Party Ballots. Law LB34 will make it easier for third-party political candidates to get on Nebraska’s ballot. The party will appear on the ballot if they have 10,000 eligible voters in Nebraska.
  • Human Trafficking. LB289 states that human traffickers will face harsher penalties. This law applies to sex trafficking and labor trafficking. The Nebraska attorney general’s office and victim advocates backed this law.

Ongoing Nebraska Bills

Keep an eye out for these upcoming bills in 2018. If you find one that affects you or you feel strongly about, you can contact your state representative and voice your opinion.

  • Workers’ Compensation Costs. The legislature aims to reduce the costs of workers’ compensation for small-business owners so they can generate jobs for the economy.
  • Stopping Increasing Minimum Wage. This bill proposes that the minimum wage shouldn’t be increased because it threatens entry-level jobs.
  • Small Business Owner’s Right to Know. Some people want to do away with employers asking potential employees if they’ve ever been convicted of a crime. While this comes from a place of giving those people a second chance, getting rid of the question is harming job-seekers. This legislature wants to keep the conviction information on an application, and suggests that there should be more information for employers about people getting out of prison and their readiness to enter the workforce.
  • Sales Tax on Services. There is a large list of services that could possibly get sales tax. This bill would prevent those service items from being taxed, like accounting services, bail bonding series, investment advice, and many more.
  • Equal Pay Proposals. This bill will help enforce the Equal Pay Act and make sure that workplace compensation and benefits will not be determined by discrimination of any kind.

When you pay attention to law changes, you’re staying up to date with your rights. You’re a more informed citizen and you know what the law protects for you. The bills also give you opportunities to communicate to your state representative your ideas about the bill and why they should or shouldn’t support it. With more participation from well-informed citizens, better laws will be put in place for all of us.