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Pedestrian Dies in Omaha Hit-and-Run Accident

Published on Jan 22, 2018 at 1:29 pm in Car Accidents.

Pedestrian accidents are often devastating due to the simple fact that when a car hits a pedestrian at full speed or even half-speed, the pedestrian has a high chance of suffering from grave injuries or even fatal injuries. As the U.S. becomes more populated year after year, we see a greater number of car accidents in general but especially pedestrian accidents. In larger cities like Omaha, it’s oftentimes easier (and healthier) to walk to our destinations instead of drive. When a driver of a car fails to look for pedestrians, this is when a deadly accident may occur.

One of the most heartbreaking scenarios is when a driver hits a pedestrian and leaves the scene of the accident. This type of scenario is referred to a hit-and-run accident. Any driver who leaves the scene of an accident is breaking the law.

On Wednesday, January 10th, a pedestrian passed away after a hit-and-run crash occurred in Omaha near 21st Street and Cuming Street. The victim was hit by a Dodge Dart traveling eastbound on Cuming. The victim was transported to the hospital with a critical head injury and later passed away.

The driver who fled the scene of the crash was located 30 minutes after the accident. He was charged for leaving the scene of the accident and driving under the influence.

Oftentimes in scenarios like this, filing a personal injury lawsuit like a wrongful death claim against the driver who caused the accident can bring closure to a grieving family. Leaving the scene of a serious crash is a crime– one that should not be tolerated. Personal injury claims hold guilty drivers accountable for their actions. To learn more, get in touch with Welsh & Welsh today. Our accident injury attorneys can help you get the closure you need.