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5-Year-Old Died in Recent Omaha Truck Accident

Published on Mar 9, 2018 at 1:20 pm in Truck Accidents.

On Tuesday, March 6th, a 5-year-old boy from Omaha suffered a head injury after the Honda Accord he was riding in was involved in a truck accident with a semitrailer. The Accord was traveling eastbound on I-80 just west of 72nd Street. According to a witness who saw the accident occur, the Accord started spinning due to icy conditions when it was struck by the semi in the rear. The truck was traveling behind the Accord.

No one else was injured in the accident. The injured boy, Cameron Philpott, was taken to Creighton University Medical Center-Bergan Mercy in critical condition, but did not survive his injuries. According to the police, he was secured in the back of the Accord in an approved car seat.

Accidents like this are unfortunate– especially when they involve small children. When a semi truck collides with a smaller passenger car, it’s almost inevitable that the lighter vehicle will take the larger brunt of the crash’s impact.

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