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How Can V2V Communication Help Car Accident Victims?

Published on May 30, 2018 at 11:35 am in Car Accidents.

The best way to survive a car accident is to not be involved in a car accident at all.  A new vehicle safety technology called vehicle-to-vehicle communication is being developed for this very reason.

Vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication enables vehicles to wirelessly exchange information about speed, location, and direction.  This sophisticated technology allows for 360-degree awareness about the other vehicles in close proximity.  Nearby vehicles that are equipped with V2V software can communicate and alert drivers to potential crash threats and dangers.

How Does V2V Communication Work?

The identity of the driver or of the vehicle itself is not noted in V2V communication software.  Additionally, this technology cannot be used for vehicle tracking functions, nor can it be tampered with or accessed by other drivers.  V2V communication has a range of as much as 300 meters and is able to obtain its information even in poor traffic, terrain, or bad weather conditions.

V2V communication works with the vehicle’s safety systems, to give visual and audible warnings to drivers when danger is present. The goal of this highly advanced software is to save lives by helping drivers avoid car crashes all together.

What Vehicles Can Use V2V Communication?

Someday in the near future, cars, trucks, buses, and even motorcycles may become equipped with V2V communication software.  Police and other emergency vehicles that travel at high speeds when responding to urgent calls for service would benefit greatly from V2V communication alerts.

Thousands of accidents would be avoided each year if emergency responders could be alerted to the action of the vehicles around them.  And in turn, the drivers of those vehicles could use V2V safety alerts to know the emergency vehicle is nearby and needing to pass.

NHTSA Encourages V2V Communication

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has already begun regulating V2V communication for all new light-duty vehicles.  Encouraging this new software is part of the NHTSA’s goal of reducing motor vehicle crashes on all United States roadways.

The NHTSA supports the production and development of V2V communication software because of the priceless benefit it brings to drivers everywhere.  With the help of V2V information and alerts, car accident victims don’t have to be victims at all.

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