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Looking at the Largest Mass Tort Settlements in the U.S.

Published on Mar 12, 2019 at 2:18 pm in Product Liability.

When we use a product, we rarely think about what could do wrong. We read the directions and see the side effects, and then proceed to use the product. However, when there’s a mistake with the product or with its directions and general information, people can get seriously hurt. This can be any kind of product that you could find in your household or it can also apply to medicine or medical devices. When these  If you’ve been harmed by a defective product, you can seek help from Welsh & Welsh PC, LLO.

Let’s take a look at some of the largest mass torts happening in the United States right now, but first, let’s define the term and what these types of cases often entail:

Defining Mass Torts

It’s important to understand what a mass tort case is. People may confuse them with class action lawsuits, because they do share some basic similarities. They are both legal actions a group of people can take when they’ve been harmed by a particular product. But they have some key differences.

Mass torts may not have as large of a group of plaintiffs as a class action case and the people may be from the same area. Each individual plaintiff must prove that their wrongful injuries were caused by the product. They can also have different circumstances of how they were hurt. These differences are taken into account when deciding if the case should be a mass tort or a class action.

Looking at Current Major U.S. Mass Torts Settlements

There are quite a few mass tort settlements that are happening in the U.S. right now. Currently, there are mass torts for issues arising from transvaginal mesh. Women are coming forward with more claims that the transvaginal mesh surgical implants caused injuries. The complaints included infection, erosion of the mesh, complications that arose from the mesh either moving or shrinking, incontinence, chronic pain in the pelvic area, and vaginal scarring.

Another mass tort settlement is the case against Xarelto, a drug meant for blood thinning. It was manufactured by Janssen Pharmaceutical and was marketed by Bayer Healthcare. Those who have come forward with cases have experienced several kinds of side effects. Xarelto can possibly cause hematoma, decreased hemoglobin levels, trouble with breathing, legs swelling, and could possibly cause infection after a person gets a hip or knee replacement. One of the major dangers of the drug is that if someone has internal bleeding, there’s virtually no way to make the blood clot. This could potentially be fatal.

The drug Zofran is also a source for mass tort litigation. While the FDA approved this medicine for women going through chemotherapy as an anti-nausea drug, it was illegally marketed to pregnant women as a remedy for morning sickness. The drug has caused severe birth defects. Some of the health concerns include heart defects, which can be fatal, cleft lip, and cleft palate.

One other large tort that is currently just picking up speed now is one involving the drug called Valsartan. Evidence shows that Valsartan may have contained harmful chemicals that are now affecting those who have taken the drug.

Bringing these lawsuits forward gives the victims a chance for their voices to be heard. They can show that the product is harmful and caused wrongful injuries. While they’re getting the chance to get justice, they’re also sending a message to the manufacturing company. When the company realizes their product is harmful and they owe compensation to the people they’ve injured, they may take measures to ensure this doesn’t happen again. Coming forward could prevent a specific product from causing an injury similar to yours to another person.

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