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How Long Should You Be Sore After a Car Accident?

Published on Oct 18, 2017 at 12:02 pm in Car Accidents.

Car accidents may take only seconds, but pain and suffering can linger weeks after an accident and in some cases even years.  It is difficult to determine initially how long a victim can expect to be sore from their injuries sustained in a crash.  Many factors apply, such as the speed at which the accident took place, the size of the vehicles involved, if safety seatbelts were in use, if airbags were deployed, and where the vehicle was struck.

Statistics show that 70 percent of people who have been involved in a car accident and saw a doctor for treatment experienced pain for up to six weeks following the accident.  One can only imagine the length of time those who did not seek medical care experienced pain.

It is important that you see a doctor immediately after being involved in a car crash.  Doctors can use x-rays, range of motion tests, and neurological tests to determine what injuries occurred and how long you can expect them to cause problems.  It is also important to begin treatment of your injuries as soon as possible to encourage faster healing and a quicker return to normal.

What Car Accident Injuries Cause Long-term Soreness?

Whiplash is a common injury sustained by drivers and passengers in many car crashes. Neck, shoulder, and back pain from whiplash can linger for as much as six weeks after a crash.  It also may not be apparent early on, as adrenaline that is pumped through the body immediately following a crash can disguise the pain felt from whiplash.  It is common for victims with whiplash to not discover their injury until days later.  It is important in the weeks following an accident to report all injuries to your doctor as soon as the symptoms appear.

Soft tissue injuries in the form of strains, bruises, and sprains are common after a car accident.  Ice packs, rest, compression, and elevation are used to treat the soreness.  However, these soft tissue injuries can also be a sign of greater, more severe injuries, such as fractures, internal bleeding, closed type head injuries, and other hidden injuries.  Your doctor can perform tests to rule out these more severe injuries.  Soft tissue injuries cause soreness and stiffness that can lead to great pain.  Left untreated, the pain can linger for a very long time.

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